1941-1942 President: Mrs. V.V. Lamkin
Thirty-five members became charter members of the Junior Service League. Provided volunteers and financial aid to the W.P.A. nursery school.

1942-1943 President: Mrs. Casper P. Kramer, Jr.
Wrote constitution and conformed to Junior League Standards with the establishment of Board meetings, Placement, Admissions, and provisional committees; sponsored first Crippled Children’s Clinic; revived Mrs. H.J. Levy scholarship; published first yearbook; held annual Luncheon and Coffee for Provisionals.

1943-1944 Presidents: Mrs. H.T. Roberts, Mrs. Kathleen Hayne Campbell
Changed name to Alexandria Service League; continued work in welfare, defense, and civic fields; conducted first Provisional Course.

1944-1945 President: Mrs. James H. Bradford
Continued defense work in U.S.O., Red Cross, Nurses Aid, Motor Corps, and home service; sponsored Children’s Story Hour weekly at the Public Library.

1945-1946 President: Mrs. A. Gervais Compton
Supplemented Welfare Department funds for needy families; compiled new constitution; published cookbook, “Mammy’s Kitchen Kapers”.

1946-1947 President: Mrs. R. U. Parrot
Opened Thrift Shop; held first Follies; began School for Handicapped Children; divided financial structure to form Administrative and Community funds.

1947-1949 President: Mrs. Sam Buckalew
Opened Camp Alpine; held first Benefit Style Show; purchased station wagon for Crippled Children’s Class.

1949-1950 President: Mrs. W. Foster Walker, Jr.
Held benefit parties for Crippled Children’s Class; initiated Interclub Council; sponsored U.S. Marine Band Benefit.