1960-1961 President: Mrs. Frank K. Chandler
Expanded Thrift Shop; gathered information toward permanent Thrift Shop building; participated in summer remedial reading program; inaugurated visitation program for blind shut-ins; began first year-long Provisional Course; organized Past President’s Club; sponsored circus attendance for Masonic Home and St. Joseph children; contributed to Doll and Toy Fund, Charity Hospital Children’s Library, and Visually Handicapped Class.

1961-1962 President: Mrs. John B. Maxwell
Purchased Lee Street property for Thrift Shop; gave Benefit Style Show; voted another Follies for 1962 presentation; hosted forty-two girls at Camp Alpine; expanded Crippled Children’s Clinic and Charity Hospital operations; set up Arts and Crafts Show contingency fund; presented Youth Symphony Concerts; visually screened kindergartners; donated two summer school enrichment course scholarships; gave tape recorder to Huddle School Handicapped Class; formed new Child Protection Committee.

1962-1963 President: Mrs. W.H. Hodges
Built Thrift Shop; held Benefit Style Show; formed Volunteer Corps for Rehabilitation Center; established Sustaining Safety Committee; applied for membership in Association of Junior Leagues (first questionnaire sent August 1, 1962); presented first Sustainer Service award; contributed to city-wide Summer Recreation Program; donated hospital gowns to Crippled Children’s Clinic; held first night meetings for Professional members.

1963-1964 President: Mrs. M.W. Walker, Jr.
Operated Thrift Shop daily with record profits; sponsored Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra for area students; held two benefit Style Shows; sponsored first Art Appreciation Program in Rapides Parish schools; relinquished Charity Hospital Auxiliary to community; named Alexandria Service League Scholarship as Daisy Hyams Staples Scholarship; sent second questionnaire to Association of Junior Leagues in application process; contributed to Kent House, Inc.

1964-1965 President: Ms. Sally Foster
Held two Benefit Style Shows; contributed to Children’s Summer Theater; donated to Delgado Museum of Art Education Fund; Professionals published “Amusez-Vous,” a fun book for hospitalized children; sponsored Shreveport Symphony for elementary students and St. Louis Symphony for junior high students; gave educational programs for League members special emphasis.

1965-1966 President: Mrs. John Gil Wafer, Jr.
Expanded Thrift Shop and hired first paid worker; Professionals produced Volume II of “Amusez-Vous”; sponsored Northwestern State College Symphony for Rapides Parish schools; relinquished Keller Club for the Blind and Rehabilitation Center projects to community; initiated pilot project at Pinecrest School; held first ” Le Bal de Soir”; paid transportation for handicapped child to John Eskew Training Center.

1966-1967 President: Mrs. C.H. Tarver, Jr.
Opened Thrift Shop all day Saturday; planted five oaks at Kent House as living memorial to Mrs. Daisy Hyams Staples; made continuing projects of Visual Screening, Children’s Theatre, and Pinecrest State School; presented Northwestern Symphony Orchestra for Rapides Parish students.

1967-1968 President: Mrs. R. Gene Cotton
Established first Standing Rules for Admissions; presented first production of Children’s Theatre for fifteen schools; became patron of Rapides Parish Symphony Orchestra; contributed to Opera Workshop, Speech and Hearing Center, and Arts Festival; Professionals published educational music booklet,” Amusez-Vous Avec la Musique” in conjunction with Youth Symphony Concert presentation to twenty-one schools.

1968-1969 President: Mrs. Cedric Lowrey
Published Entre Nous monthly; purchased playground equipment for John Eskew Training School; relinquished Pinecrest State School project to community; held rummage sale, “Whale of a Sale”.

1969-1970 President: Mrs. O’Neal Chadwick
Coordinated efforts with other Service and Junior Leagues in state to raise minimum legal driving age; initiated two new projects; presented Storytelling at elementary school libraries; began Public Affairs Committee; became patron of Art Association; contributed to Family Service Agency and Multi-Disability Handicapped Sheltered Workshop; relinquished Visual Screening to community.