1980-1981 President: Mrs. Harry A. Hammill
Produced Follies, “Steamin’ Up”, profit $45,700; Paper Place opened at headquarters; New to You netted $27,000; hired a shop manager; began Monday openings; pledged $3,000 to CCDC for a 3-year period; dues raised to $45 for Actives and Provisionals and $35 for Sustainers. Gail Little served on AJL Executive Committee as Secretary. Sponsored Community Energy Forum; lobbied State Legislature for 4 year concurrent School Board terms and Louisiana’s Board for Elementary and Secondary Education for lower classroom pupil-teacher ratio with other Louisiana Leagues. Presented third children’s exhibit “The Magnificent World of Texture; Brimo and Hippocampus”; received grant of $1,500 for exhibit; conducted Historical Trunk Tours for 8th grade history students; taught Rescue Breathing to 7th grade students; puppet shows “Meet The Kids On The Block” and “The Three Little Pigs” presented eight summer shows plus performances in four public schools having special education classes; approved three new projects – Drug Awareness Conference, Drug Awareness for Parents and Drug Awareness for Students; approved task force for Paramount Theatre Restoration; held community VCD Adult course at YWCA. Adopted 3-year future plan; formulated a project appraisal system; premiered slide show; approved Arrangements as a standing committee; implemented Associate Status placement policy; continued representation on boards of Chamber of Commerce, CCDC, Museum, Symphony and Cabrini Hospital Board for Counselors.

1981-1982 President: Mrs. James J. Vanderhoeven
Celebrated 40th Anniversary of Alexandria Junior League with “Life Begins at 40” theme, reception and keepsake issue of Entre Nous; with Alexandria Substance Abuse Center and Rapides Parish School Board, held Drug Awareness Conference (“Love Kids, Stop Drugs”); initiated Sustainer Program; continued Rapides Parents for Youth; participated in state-wide Public Affairs study of drug awareness and elderly; approved a new position paper on substance abuse; presented two-day Rescue Breathing workshop for Rapides Parish Jr. High physical education coaches, and Rapides Parish Medical Auxiliary; Paper Place Task Force studied options for the future of paper goods shop; “Kids On The Block” puppets were presented in area summer camp programs and to children in area schools; established Administrative Vice-President; changed Vice-President’s title to President-Elect; conducted Heritage Trunk Tours for junior high students at Kent House; purchased house and property at 2932 Jackson Street for permanent League headquarters; voted establishment of Community Advisory board; voted two General meetings to be held at night only; member place to study Paramount Theatre restoration; held community & in-league VCD training; conducted community needs project prioritization surveys; Gail Little completed a two year term as AJL Secretary; researched & contracted a traveling children’s museum exhibit for presentation in 1983; Provisionals researched a shelter for battered women and their children; presented a Junior League slide show to local civic organizations; task force established for renovation of headquarters; added 1152 square feet to New to You Thrift Shop, & net profits of more than $31,000; continued representation on Boards of Museum, CCDC, Rapides Arts and Humanities Council, Rapides Symphony and Chamber of Commerce, and added position on Board of Boy’s Club of Central Louisiana

1982-1983 President: Mrs. William J. DeFee, III
Operated two successful businesses: New to You, profit $41,828.26, Paper Place, gross $18,377.34; gave $3,300 total to provide Child Safety announcements on KPAL radio station, sound and lighting for the Pops Concert, Guaranty Bank Fun Run, Alexandria Substance Abuse Clinic, to Alexandria Mental Health Center; received donations for projects from M. N. Davidson Foundation, Rapides Intervention Program for Dr. Steven Glenn, Holy Saviour Menard High School parent Club for Dr. Glenn, Alexandria Museum, grant from the Louisiana State Arts Council, from Representative Shady Wall, from area pharmacists, combined Community Trust Fund and Administrative Trust Fund with designated $1,500; created Commemorative Fund; League year 1980 was audited by the Internal Revenue Service; John Meffert, National Trust for Historic Preservation met with CCDC, other community leaders and the League; Sustainer Program continued; “Sustainer Flashbacks” article in each Entre Nous; established confidential emergency shelter locations for battered women and their children; survey of area youth to ascertain drug awareness; Substance Abuse Week; “Epidemic” on prime time TV followed by thirty-minute panel, including State Superintendent of Education Kelly Nix, “Live At Five” and “Jambalaya” series, Public Service Announcements in newspaper series, booth at Mall; researched and approved substance abuse curriculum pilot project in Rapides Parish Schools, advocated for School Board approval; “Hocus, Pocus, Focus” museum exhibit for grades 1-4, on artistic perception; began study for Arts and Crafts Center; Board positions on Cabrini Hospital Board of Counselors, Rapides Symphony Orchestra, Alexandria Museum; Chamber of Commerce; CCDC, Friendship House; selected first Community Advisory Board; increased League Secretary’s (Mrs. Coco) time to three days a week; updated Board Manual and made plans to reprint; delegates to Executive Development Institute with expenses shared with CCDC; Committee Update sheets to shorten General Meeting agenda, first Administrative Vice-President; Entre Nous became 10″x16″, slick paper, black and white, President’s article in question and answer form; Valentines sent to members’ spouses, advertisers, and other community friends; Headquarters Housewarming; Placement Showcase in March included CPO representatives; VCD incorporated into Training Committee; Education, Arrangements, will separate committees in 1983-84; new, organized, efficient Resource Library in Headquarters was Provisional project.

1983-1984 President: Mrs. John C. Texada
Theme, “Going Places Through Involvement” a reality…President attended White House briefing, traveled with Colonel Peter Foley’s England Air Force Base Civic Leaders’ Tour to Air Force Academy, Cheyenne Mountain NORAD facilities, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Luke Air Force Base, Phoenix, Arizona; represented the League on State Board of Louisiana Preservation Alliance, Board of the Chamber of Commerce, and ex-officio on Executive CCDC; appointees represented her on Board of Rapides Symphony, Alexandria Museum, Friends of the Alexandria Zoo (FOTAZ), Crime Stoppers, New to You profit over $50,000, two delegates to Thrift Shop Conference in Memphis, Tennessee; Paper Place gross sales $32,000 on hired employee, and opened four days a week; gave $3,750 total grants to provide Child Safety announcements on KPAL radio station, sound and lighting for the Pops Concert, Guaranty Bank Fun Run, Alexandria Mental Health Center, Friendship and Crime Stoppers; $30,000 pledged over a three-year period to the Rapides Arts Council; $4,000 spender under the supervision of the Domestic Violence Committee on decorating and furnishings for three bedrooms for a shelter for Battered Women at the Salvation Army Building; printed a brochure for abused women; donations received to aid in the funding of “Chemical People” and “Epidemic II … America Fights Back”; Provisional Class project – “Project Wildflower… Cenla’s Sowing Seeds of Pride”; grant money funded for traveling museum exhibit; chairman attended and exhibited brochures at Southeastern Museum Conference in New Orleans, brochure professionally printed for exhibit promotion; new Public Relations brochure was approved; training was offered on computer usage, the writing of public service announcements, and interviewing techniques; President’s Council held at Point Clear, Alabama; incoming President and President-Elect attended Annual conference in Philadelphia; four delegates attended Area V Conference in D.C.; Board Basics; approved passage of “Cenla Pride” joint project with Chamber of Commerce, joined Keep America Beautiful’ Clean community System and sent delegates from League, Chamber and government to Baton Rouge for training; held meetings in September at Hotel Bentley promoting downtown revitalization and celebration of “Town Talk’s” centennial birthday with Dr. Fred Spletoser of Kansas City, Missouri, reviewing book on paper’s history; speaker with Louisiana’s Keep America Beautiful, public invited; Sustainer Program continued; first orientation for Community Advisory Board; implemented Commemorative Giving Program; provided training by Clay Roberts for teachers/League members trainers of “Here’s Looking at You, Too” drug curriculum pilot program in parish public and private schools, TV series by Clay Roberts on Ethma Odom Show; Roberts and associate presented Refusal Skills Workshop for teenagers with Calvary Baptist Church, Heritage Trunk presented in classrooms; Advisory Planning researched and recommended purchase of IBM-PC computer/word processor for Headquarters; Entre Nous cover with black and white photo of League Project, “Dear Diary”, President’s page; City of Alexandria passed resolution authorizing League feasibility study of Paramount Theater restoration, League committee traveled to tour theater in Galveston, Texas; League and CCDC hired for $1,000 consulting team (Killis Almond, architect from San Antonio, Maureen Patton, director of the Grand Opera House in Galveston, and Bill Lindstrom, stage manager of the Galveston Grand Opera House) to come to Alexandria to survey situation, recommendations and priorities prepared by team from League; Arts & Crafts Task Force voted project status, negotiated and signed contract with City of Alexandria for League/CCDC lease of Bolton House and Yeager Building properties for one year with matching $15,000 grant from the City Council approved ordinance, Council approved name change of Center to “River Oaks Square Arts & Crafts Center”, Public Relations sent Valentines.’

1984-1985 President: Mrs. E.L. Crump, Jr.
Set up funding, hired director, secured office space, and established a coalition between the Greater Alexandria/Pineville Chamber of Commerce and Cenla Pride; opened, and filled with artists, and held numerous brown bag luncheons at River Oaks Square Arts & Crafts Center; included in the City of Alexandria’s budget for 1985-86 and applied for not-for-profit status 501-C-3 for River Oaks; presented Heritage Trunk to over 1,000 students with Provisionals serving as docents; developed a plan for turning Heritage Trunk over to Kent House Board and Rapides School Volunteer Program in three year; paid $10,000 as part of total pledge to Rapides Arts and Humanities Council; League members chaired Council committees; wrote job description, provided office space in Bolton Home, and hired Richard Gwartney as Director of Rapides Arts & Humanities Council; purchased cash register and new signs and painted exterior of New to You; increased to $200 member’s quota; increased inventory and transferred money to the General account for the first time from Paper Place; changed front of headquarters; represented League at CCDC, Chamber of Commerce, and the Alexandria City Council monthly; worked with television stations, KLAX and KALB, to promote projects through the media; published nine issues of Entre Nous with Nippy Blair as the cover artist; held largest Provisional Class to date, changed number of sponsors to five; established advisory status for past presidents; employed Rozier & Harrington as League CPA’s; approved monthly bookkeeping effective June, 1985; League represented at Area V Seminar, PET, Annual Conference, and SPAC.

1985-1986 President: Mrs. Jane Finley Shank
A year of being “in league” with the community as various coalitions worked together on our projects…Arts Council Committee offered placement to follow up our $10,000 donation; help with New Year’s Eve gala, performances, summer production for 650 children; mailings; executive committee…Cenla Pride certified by Keep America Beautiful’s “Clean Community system”; held workshop for community organizations, selected woodpecker mascot with coloring book prepared for children, studied municipal ordinances, received in-kind contribution from CCDC of paid staff position; continued coalition with Chamber of Commerce; increased display of wildflowers…River Oaks Square Arts and Crafts Center declared as a historical landmark and photographed by Southern Living magazine; Yeager Building added to lease due to waiting list of artists; planned first juried Arts & Crafts Show; continued a coalition with CCDC…Heritage Trunk presented at Kent House…OSA (Organization Self Assessment) administered with results showing overall satisfaction with League operation and programs…three successful fund-raisers – New to You raising $56,519.84 in net profits, incentives including mink jacket, pearls, and Waterford crystal pitcher; Paper Place raising over $10,000 in net profits with many new lines, increased responsibility of paid employee, inventory system, Follies, called “High Cotton”, raised $147,000 with net of $96,000, trained 18 new leaders, had a wonderful Cargill director, Jim Horne, who put on a fun, family show, created much good will in community…Yearbook format changed to a smaller, more convenient version. Headquarters landscaping begun and to be increased with donation from Past President’s Club, new heating/air cooling unit installed, conference room reorganized …computer use increased with permanent printed materials as provisional handbook and manual were stored…by-law on ‘good standing’ clarified; provisional dues raised…meetings held at Alexandria Hilton and Convention Centre…training by speakers from Chamber of Commerce, CCDC, Arts Council, Women’s Lobby Network, Ministerial Association, and a nutritionist…board trained by AJL Director Fran Villere and a past president…Entre Nous added Between Us page, League Lang Syne and Cream of The Crop columns, first color photo cover…eighteen members attended conferences in seven sites…two projects, W.H.O. and Children’s Week, developed and voted in form implementation in 1986-87…twenty-three resident Provisionals trained…Public Affairs/SPAC attended national PAC Conference in Washington D.C. and four State PAC meetings, held first “Public Affair” for legislators and league members to meet; invited John Maginnis, a political writer, to speak at opening meeting/dinner…a new public relations brochure printed; press conference/party at the Museum…publicity of two weeks on Ethma Odom’s Special Report on “Live at Five” and two weeks on television station KALB’s “Jambalaya”; interviews on television station, KLAX and radio station, KQID, articles in Focus section and City sections of Alexandria Daily Town Talk…Sustainer Program offered four get togethers for sustainers including a book review by Minnie Lou Lynch and historical presentation by Doug Ashe…President represented League on Chamber of Commerce, President’s Training, and Fall training for Presidents/Presidents Elect, represented by designee on Arts & Humanities Council, Friends of the Library, Kent House, Rapides Parish School Board Guidance Committee…mini-grants awarded to Symphony, friendship House, Shepherd Center, Mexico Earthquake Victims, LSUA Public Radio, United Givers Fun Run, and Chamber of Commerce Education Committee for televising school board meetings.

1986-1987 President: Mrs. Dorwan Vizzier
River Oaks Community Board in place, bylaws completed, recognized as separate entity at May League Board Meeting; Yeager Building opened for studio space; featured in Southern Living…Arts Council researched a theater for the performing arts covering possible locations and financing; paid final $10,000 grant…Cenla Pride measured letter reduction as 50%; distributed coloring books in the schools; wildflower planting increased…Heritage Trunk Tour presented at Kent House to eighth grade students…Children’s Week experienced by a minimum of 50,000 children and adults consisted of Festival of the Arts and Sports Festival at LSUA, special presentations in the schools by Mobile Children’s Musical Theater and NASA, and Mall Show with 75 children’s agencies/services represented held at the Alexandria Mall…WHO (We Help Ourselves), an anti-victimization program for children, piloted in 15 classes, in parish schools…Handbook for Battered Women reprinted and turned over to Rapides Medical Auxiliary for distribution and future reprinting…special program speakers for general meetings included Susan Foxworth, Area V Council Chairman; Mona Davis, Chairman of Governor’s Commission on Education; Bettye Jones, Dale Carnegie, “The Four Phases of Attitudes” Sharon Scott, “Peer Pressure Reversal”; 25 members attended conferences…wonderful publicity coverage on TV, newspaper, and radio…Paper Place experienced face lift, added numerous new lines, reinvested in merchandise, with a $13,102.00 profit…New to You also experienced a face lift, and increase in business, and a $54,0000 profit…first Membership Forum held to discuss League issues…well attended Sustainer activities included a presentation on accessories by Nancy Young and a brunch with book review by Minnie Lou Lynch…Sustainer Advisors honored at a spring dinner…Spring Party “Dancin’ in the Street” held for membership and guests; thank you cards sent to community supporters…grants given to Rehabilitation Center, Kent House, Alexandria/Pineville Alcohol and Drug Abuse Clinic, Alexandria Museum of Visual Arts, Rapides Symphony, KLSA Public Radio, United Givers Fun Run…Headquarters Task force identified need for increased headquarters space; Past President’s Club donated $100 toward task force…headquarters refinanced…27 Provisionals completed training…Public Affairs published newsletter…yearbook changed format to small, more manageable size …Advisory Planning clarified bylaws/standing rules concerning change of status, good standing, function of Project Research and Development…general meeting changed to both meetings on Tuesday…nine colorful Enter Nous issues printed…represented on Chamber of Commerce, CCDC, Rapides Arts & Humanities Council, Rapides Symphony, Alexandria Museum of Visual Arts, Crime Stoppers, Cenla Chemical Dependency Council, Friends of the Library, and Friends of the Alexandria Zoo (FOTAZ).

1987-1988 President: Mrs. Ronald B. Marks
Communication and Commitment…Children’s Week experienced by 50,000 children and adults through the Festival of the Arts at LSUA, the Sports Festival at ASH, the Mall Show, and our Special Projects in the schools… WHO (We Help Ourselves), an anti-victimization program, tremendous success in grades 2-5 throughout the Parish…Heritage Trunk Show continued but turned over to Kent House this year…River Oaks Square Arts & Crafts Center, an independently run 501(c)3 organization, still received volunteer and monetary assistance from the League…Arts Council Committee coordinated Children’s Festival of the Arts during children’s Week… Cenla Pride worked toward waste and litter reduction in our Parish in conjunction with the Wildflower project, will be turned over to a Community Board for ’88-’89 … New to You and Paper Place continued to prosper…Headquarters Task Force established need for increased headquarters space; League voted to put an addition onto our present location and work will be coordinated in June 1988 to fund the project and begin definite plans for construction…Public Affairs Committee printed several issues of newsletter, Tete-a-tete; helped coordinate Governor Roemer’s Expect the Best Public Forum on Education Advisory planning researched combining of Nominating and Placement and decided it was not feasible … Children’s Art Council Committee recommended there wasn’t a need at this time for a council… Latch Key, an At Home Alone educational program for children through grades 5, scheduled for implementation in 1988-89 …Zoo Outreach Project was developed and scheduled for implementation in 88-89 …printing of a Children’s Brochure scheduled for 88-89 Public Relations was very busy coordinating the J.C. Penney Volunteer Awards given to six community volunteers during Volunteer Week; also coordinated our First Annual Crawfish Boil and produced our first annual slide show called “The Year in Review” for preview at the Annual Luncheon…Sustainer Committee(The Reruns) developed into an extremely viable organization under the leadership of a Sustainer Board of five ladies; two sustainers attended a national and one, a regional conference… the Education/Training Committee gave excellent workshops throughout the year; they developed a Bureau for Speakers Inventory, collecting and coordinating speakers throughout the state to be shared by all Leagues in Louisiana…. Marketing was voted in as a Standing Committee to become an adjunct to Public Relations… Entre Nous added a 10th issue this year… 21 Provisionals completed training…Community grants were given to the Rehabilitation Center, Arts Council, Cenla Pride, River Oaks, Alexandria Museum of Visual Arts, KLSY Radio spot for drug abuse, Symphony, Cenla Chemical Dependency Council, Red River Opera, Alexandria/Pineville Drug Abuse Center, Governor Roemer’s Committee on Education for the Expect the Best Public Forums…The League has representation on the following Boards: Chamber of Commerce, which we officially joined in ’87-’88, Central Cities Development Corporation, Rapides Arts & Humanities Council, Rapides Symphony, Alexandria Museum of Visual Arts, Crime Stoppers, Cenla Chemical Dependency Council, Friends of the Library, Friends of the Alexandria Zoo (FOTAZ), Central Louisiana Community Theater, Kent House, Teen Pregnancy Community Network, and Louisiana College Continuing Education Advisory Committee… membership had the privilege of hearing Georgia Potts of Monroe, who spoke on Communication; Detective Sammy Thiels, Chief of Detectives Major Hilton, and Sandra Taylor, a black belt in karate, put forth a program on self-defense; it was followed by two workshops in gun handling at a shooting range for self protection; Forum in November provided us with the opportunity of addressing several issues within our League; Mayor Randolph addressed our December meeting concerning the tax propositions; holiday entertainment was provided by Owen Brown, Earline Pearson, and Marie Durham at the evening meeting, and by the Lincoln Road Sixth Grade Choir under the direction of Gail Roach in the morning; James Lamkin of Rapides General Hospital presented a comedy-juggling program; in January Daphne Robinson spoke on “Left Brain/Right Brain Dominance”; Dr. Millard Bienvenne presented “Stress and Decision Making” in February; “Voluntarism and Its Extreme Importance” was the topic of April’s speaker, Lyda Hunt Hill of Dallas.

1988-1989 President: Mrs. Frank Ingrish
The theme for 1988-89, “Together – We Make It Happen”, became a reality…Latch Key reached over 17,000 school children and their families in its first year…”Louie” became not only a mascot but a comfort symbol…$20,000 grant was received from the first local Children’s Miracle Network Telethon through St. Frances Cabrini Hospital Foundation. Doors were opened to the community through coalitions and collaborations with additional grants and services received from South Central Bell, International paper, Proctor & Gamble, Central Louisiana Electric Co., Coca-Cola, McDonald’s Rapides Parish School Board, Schnack’s Jewelry Store and the YWCA. “Kidsline”, an after school reassurance line, went “on line”…WHO (We Help Ourselves), an anti-victimization program, continued and expanded in grades 2-5 through the parish…River Oaks Square Arts & Crafts Center continued to grow with volunteer and monetary assistance from the League housing artists…Arts Council Committee cosponsored Children’s Festival of the Arts at LSUA with League/Arts Council reaching over 7,000 children and adults…The Children’s Services Directory, an outgrowth of Children’s Week, was printed and distributed to 25,000 families…New to You expanded with changes in quota procedures and the addition of a consignment shop, and continues to grow…after eleven successful years and a study by the Appraisal Committee, the membership voted to discontinue Paper Place as a fundraiser; Public Affairs hosted the State Public Affairs (SPAC) meeting in Alexandria, with representatives from seven Louisiana Junior Leagues; published a State SPAC booklet…Zoo Outreach developed an outreach project with Friends of the Alexandria Zoo (FOTAZ)…Public Relations/Marketing held workshops and training in marketing techniques, developed a new League logo, participated in National Volunteer Week, updated slide show and participated with television stations in video segments…Sustainers(ReRuns)- two Sustainers attended a regional conference; first Sustainer as a voting member of the Board of Directors; provided much assistance to active League committees; published “ReRuns on the Run,” and held many activities throughout the year. Entre Nous became a larger size and format with focus areas for each issue…Arrangements held its first Annual Meeting Dinner at night…League assisted KALB/TV in Children’s Miracle Network Telethon…helped with Cenlabration activities…hosted workshop and luncheon for all school librarians for Latchkey …participated in Leadership ’88 with Chamber of Commerce…32 Provisionals completed training…revamped Provisional Course and a new handbook written…painted Headquarters (new look) …25 League members attended conferences…participated in “Back to School” Safety Campaign…Past Presidents met at River Oaks for a featured Entre Nous cover … participated in facilitator training to the Arts Council…Paper Place had a booth at Yuletide Market …Provisional Tour, “Rapides After Dark”…held Safety Awareness Seminar with Alexandria Police Department and District Attorney’s office…participated in United Way Committee …Provisional Project benefiting New to You, “Greatest Sale on Earth”…President represented League at four “fly-in meetings” with Area V Presidents in Dallas; Presidents’ Meeting, San Antonio; President & President Elect Meeting, New Orleans; and Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA…represented by designee on Rapides Arts & Humanities Council, Rapides Symphony, Alexandria Museum of Visual Arts, Crime Stoppers, Cenla Chemical Dependency Council, Friends of the Alexandria Zoo, Kent House, and River Oaks Square Arts & Crafts Center…membership had the privilege of hearing author Bev Church and her delightful presentation on the “Joys of Entertaining”; Marty Begalla, former AJL Director; Symposium for Women; Parliamentary Procedures Workshop; Safety Awareness Seminar; Marketing Training; Area V trainer on Project Research & Development; Thrift Shop Workshop with Junior League of Oklahoma trainer; and KIDSLINE training…Past President’s Club donation to be used for Headquarters…Grants were given to Crime Stoppers, Alexandria/Pineville Substance Abuse Clinic, Rapides Arts Council, Children’s Chorus, Kent House, River Oaks Square Arts & Crafts Center, Children’s Festival of the Arts, and Drug and Safety Awareness Campaign…Advisory Planning clarified Bylaws and Standing Rules; developed new policies for New to You; Nominating was changed to a one-year term; established three years minimum service; changed number of sponsors to four, and other changes to comply with AJL Bylaws…Annual Sustainer of the years and a Special President Award presented to Annual Dinner…Schnack’s presented second President Recognition. This report represents but an overview of the year’s events. The 1988-89 membership maintained an outstanding record of service while simultaneously taking risks necessary to adapt the organization to the current needs of both the membership and the community. Many hours were expended in creating vision and then turning this into realities, representing this organization’s investment in the future. This report is a tribute to 1988-89 “Together – We Made It Happen.”

1989-1990 President: Mrs. R. Bruce Wallace, III
“Opening Doors” for ourselves, our families and our community…Latchkey continued to educate both the children in Rapides Parish and the public about the growing phenomena of children “at home alone.” The program was enhanced with the addition of a message board and a life-size costume of Louie. Louie made many personal appearances, becoming a warm, touchable reminder for children of how to be safe when they are alone at home…continued funding and support for the Latchkey project were received from International Paper Company, McDonald’s, Lamar Billboards, Cabrini Hospital, and KALB-TV…Kidsline (445-KIDS), an after school reassurance line located at the YWCA, received approximately 1,000 calls during the school year…WHO (We Help Ourselves), an anti-victimization program presented by League members, school personnel, and community volunteers with the use of puppets, video and discussion, continued and expanded in grades 2-5 throughout the parish…The Lyrical Leaguers became a reality providing public relations training and work with the elderly and others in our community…Zoo Project successfully assisted the Alexandria Zoo and FOTAZ inside and outside the Zoo’s environment; three training sessions were conducted and a Zoo Cart was donated by the League to be used by the outreach Volunteers…New to You continued to expand with changes in stockroom procedures, and Provisionals were trained to assist with the stockroom duties…”Alternatives”, the new consignment addition, experienced a successful First year…Public Relations/Marketing published an Annual Report through the Entre Nous; researched, developed, and produced a video about our League; participated in national Volunteer Week with PSA announcements on local radio stations; provided bulletin boards for Headquarters use; collected materials for scrapbooks; and gave a Media Party with representatives from all area media in attendance. The Media Party showcased the new video and announced plans for Follies in March 1991…Sustainer Committee provided assistance to League committees; assisted with newsletter for Sustainers; participated as voting member of the Board of Directors; contributed monthly articles for Entre Nous; sponsored Dinner Theater; arranged for Sustainer outing to New Orleans and held many Sustainer activities throughout the year…Arrangements held first annual Christmas Open House, provided arrangements and decorations for February Dinner and Annual May Dinner…Headquarters negotiated with Alexandria Mall management regarding move to 1082 Alexandria Mall; planned and supervised remodeling and decorating of new Mall location; oversaw moving to Alexandria Mall and the closing and cleaning of the Jackson Street property; assisted with sale of Jackson Street property…Education/Training provided outstanding training opportunities to our membership. Board Training featured old/new Executive for Nuts ‘n Bolts, and Sally McPherson, Area V Director, for day long training at Loyd’s Hall; sponsored Volunteer Skills Portfolio Workshop and Parliamentary Procedures training; featured Dr. Thomas Tift, Public Speaking, and Rod Noles, Time Management; Safety Seminar with Alexandria Police Department, District Attorney’s office, Jack Sherrill with I-49, and Rapides Parish Sheriff’s office; special arrangements were made by this committee to have Jack Yianitsas as our guest speaker at the February Dinner…Advisory Planning researched and presented Bylaws, Standing Rules changes regarding yearly League cycle with membership approval; February 15 was established as the key date for quota, dues, and resignations; the December meeting was alleviated and summer Board meeting was added; Member-at-Large became a member of the Finance Committee; one sponsor must attend the Provisional informational party; and Education/Training, Arrangements and Headquarters Committees became Arrangements/Education in the hopes of streamlining Administration duties…also researched Consent Agenda, implementing the beginning of a more streamlined agenda and Board packets…Placement conducted first fall interviews…Ways and Means presented idea for Follies as a fund-raiser for 1990-91, followed by an evaluation of this fund-raiser. Approval was given to continued research for alternate, ongoing fund-raisers…Project Research & Development presented six projects for future development and the Food Bank as a project for 1990-1991 …Public Affairs attended SPAC conferences and worked to change SPAC policies and procedures; assisted with compiling of PPIQ…League assisted School Board with Red Ribbon Week by distributing red ribbons at the Alexandria Mall…Entre Nous continued focus areas and published nine issues…21 Provisionals completed training; Provisional Course contained two special tours, a Walking Tour of downtown Alexandria and a Social Agency Tour…President represented League on Chamber of Commerce, CCDC, Louisiana College Continuing Education Advisory Committee, Briarwood Hospital Volunteer Advisory Board, United Way…President represented League at a fly-in meeting with Area V Presidents in Dallas, President’s meeting in Houston, and Annual Conference-May 1990 in Toronto, Canada, theme: Empowering Families in a Multicultural World…The Junior League of Alexandria was represented by designees on the governing boards of Alexandria Museum of Art, Cenla Chemical Dependency Council, Inc., Crime Stoppers, Food Bank of Central Louisiana, Friends of the Alexandria Zoo (FOTAZ), Kent House, Rapides Arts & Humanities Council, Rapides Symphony, Inc., Renaissance Home for Youth, Red River Opera, River Oaks Square Arts & Crafts Center, Volunteers of America, and YWCA…28 League members attended conferences and seminars…the Past Presidents’ donation purchased awnings for the headquarters…grants were given to the following: Shepherd Center, Food Bank, Salvation Army, Rapides Arts & Humanities Council for children’s Chorus, and Pineville Junior High R.E.A.L. Program. The Finance Committee recommended a dues increase of $15 for Active and Provisionals and $10 for Sustainers; a two payment plan was established, and Sustainers 65 years of age and over have the option of paying $10 less in dues than other Sustainers…Finance Committee revised the 1989-90 Annual Budget to meet the needs of the Headquarters remodeling and sale of the Jackson St. property. Finance recommended a budget request of up to $8,000 for the purchase of a new computer system for Headquarters. A Task Force was appointed to initiate this purchase…Members-at-Large presented key people each month…Executive completed the B.E.A.T. Course at Briarwood Hospital…CLECO was host for two of our General meetings…Nominating presented straw ballot in October…Annual Sustainer of the Year and special President’s Award presented at Annual Dinner…Schnack’s presented third President recognition. The year 1989-90 represented the commitment of our Junior League to provide training opportunities for its membership to enable effective volunteers to continue to open doors in our community for themselves, their families and for others. Countless volunteer hours were graciously given by the membership to achieve their goals, and future planning and evaluation will insure the continued success of the Junior League of Alexandria, Inc.