Membership Requirements

Amy and Courtney



Membership Requirements

  • A prospective member must be 21 years of age by May 31st of the proposal year.
  • A prospective member must reside in the Central Louisiana area unless otherwise provided herein.
  • Before accepting the invitation to membership, the candidate shall have received an orientation in the privileges and responsibilities of League membership and shall agree to engage in community service in connection with the programs of the League.


Financial Requirements

  • Provisional Fee (one time) $70; Annual membership Dues $110.
  • Buy or sell five (5) cookbooks over a period of (1) year.
  • Donate $500 worth of merchandise to the New to You Store during the league year.

Time Requirements

  • Attend provisional meetings as set by the provisional committee.
  • Attend 5 general membership meetings during the League year.
  • Develop and participate in the provisional project.
  • Work two (2) 3-hour shifts at New To You Thrift Shop, in addition to Provisional Orientation (Provisionals)
  • Work two (2) 3-hour community outreach shifts (All members)
  • Work two (2) 3-hour shifts at A Very Merry Market (All members)
  • Fulfill requirements of placement (Active Year)

Each Active member is required to do a “placement” every year in order to serve her community.  A placement can either be with a League-chosen community project or within the League’s administration.  All Active and Provisional members are required to attend monthly general membership meetings.  Provisional members are also required to complete a twelve-month Provisional Admissions course.

Begin the application process by clicking here for the application.