Provisional of the YEAR!

At the annual May Dinner, JLA awards a Provisional of the Year award, recognizing a new member who embodies hard work and commitment during her first year in the League.  This award acknowledges a new member for significantly contributing to JLA’s impact within the community, by showing tremendous interest in learning about the JLA, being an active contributing member of the provisional class, successfully completing the provisional requirements and participating in the league activities.  Chosen by the provisional and active members, the award shows appreciation for a woman who has exhibited the qualities of a servant leader both within her class and the broader membership.
This year’s provisional of the year is and I quote “a super awesome focused & goal oriented provisional”. 
She has gone above and beyond to be a leader in the provisional class.  She shows great leadership skills and is a big encouragement to others.  She is a team player and exhibits great time management.
She loves to travel.  She loves to cook and work with crafts and decorating.  She is married and has 2 amazing kids. Any guesses!?!
She works full time in the Louisiana National Guard and has done so for over 12 years.  She also belongs to the Louisiana Army National Guard Enlisted Association for over 9 years.  Her military career has helped shape her into the leader that she has become.  She has been to Iraq twice and to Haiti once.  She has 2 amazing kids (Maya – 3) and (Ethan – 2).  She has been married to her amazing and supportive husband for 7 years.  She was the first provisional to complete all her requirements!!  Please stand and congratulate the 2016 Provisional of the Year – Mrs. Natalie Constantine